How to create healing and well-being through sacred sound


A series of 8 meetings where we shall study and explore different meditative techniques for expanding consciousness and creativity through the use of sound. The teachings are based on the ancient tradition of Nada yoga, Shabda yoga as well as the Tibetan Bøn, Buddhist and Native American shamanistic traditions. In this course we will focus of freeing and expressing our own unique voice, our own tone as a tool for transformation, healing, rejoicing and revitalizing.

Beginners course (level 1)

​In this workshop we shall focus on:

Mantras as magical formulas, the power and mystery of the divine word

Medicine melodies/ finding our own healing song

Sacred seed syllables

Raga singing (tuning the chakras)

Sacred chant

–  Toning


– Gong playing

– Improvisation

– Healing sound chi Kung

– The art of listening

– Sound shower

Time: Wednesdays: 19.00-21.00

Dates: 26.8, 2.9, 9.9, 23.9, 7.10, 14.10, 21.10, 28.10

Cost: 3600 Kr-   payable to account number: 05394719945

Place: Olaf bulls vei 10c Oslo (or some central place in Oslo)

Contact: Tal Zimra Coleman, Tel: 41551513 

Advanced course / (level 2)

(For those who have taken level 1)

In these meetings we shall focus on:

-Overtone singing

-Finding the soul tone

-How to use Tibetan bowls for healing purposes

-Applying this knowledge on ourselves and others