Finding your heart song

heart room pic

and recording it for the heart space sculpture in Kolbotn

This is an invitation to embark on a “Journey to the Temple Within”, for the purpose of finding your heart song, your own medicine  melody, your healing song.

This is about connecting to the musician as well as the composer within.
As I believe, the world is created from sound, and we humans have all received a gift – our own singing voice, beautiful and unique when fully expressed. With this tool we have the capacity to remedy ourselves. From my experience in the last 25 years, music is a powerful vibrational medicine and everyone has the capacity to use and enjoy it.
The idea is to make a sound track out of the chosen melodies and that sound track shall be played in the Heart space Sculpture that is being built in Kolbotn  by the artist and Visionary, Katrina Vrebalovich in collaboration with the artist-Vilde Vegem. . People that will enter the sculpture will be able to listen to the sound track made by many of us, woven into one magnificent “song of the heart”.
I believe that melodies coming from the heart have the capacity to go directly into the heart of the listeners and will have a powerful healing effect on the listeners.

I invite you to come and join the process of finding your own song. Through some meditative processes using sound, as well as shamanistic ones, we will enter the creative realm where we all have the capacity to channel the songs that want to be expressed in a joyful and effortless manner.
– Come as you are, no previous experience is needed
– Instruments are welcome. Bring your rattles, guitars and drum
– Bring a blanket and food for lunch
– Date: 30.5.2015