Harmonic Therapy

combines the elements of Shiatsu (Japanese   massage) and Reiki with  the Monochord sound bed , which is made of wood and has 60 strings  (my newest and exciting instrument),Tibetan singing bowls,tuning forks, toning, overtone singing , kalimba, drums, flutes, rattles and gongs.

The result is a delightful and deeply relaxing experience

sound bed 12.5


As a result of modern life many people feel stress dis-ease and imbalance, which can  create fatigue and illness. Instruments, such as  the sound bed ,Tibetan bowls, gongs, tuning forks and flutes have the means by which harmony is restored in the body on a psychological as well as a psycospiritual level.These are instruments  hold organic and acoustic tones derived from nature, rich with overtones. They resonate and entrain within the brain of the listener, prompting profound state of  relaxation and a “subconscious openness.Being “showered” by  these instruments helps the body retrieve  its original, healthy frequency, making the body entrain  to the frequency of the instruments so that when it’s synchronized it can vibrate independently.

Stimulated and taken up by the powerful vibrations of these  instruments, the body is able to tune into its own undisturbed frequency.

-The listener, who is lying down comfortably experiences the pulse rate slowing   down while the breath is restored to its normal rhythm. he or she enters a state of consciousness that allows one to witness things from a calmer and more meditative perspective.

-Since the human body is over 70% water and sound travels 5 times more efficiently through water than through air, sound frequency stimulation ,directly into the body, is a highly efficient means for a total body stimulation, especially at the cellular level.

-Researches show that these instruments help the listener go into to Alpha and Theta waves. these states  enable  deep relaxation as well as a  heightened receptivity to healing.

more about the instruments:

Tibetan singing bowls

 tara and the bowls

According to tradition singing bowls consist of seven metals which represent seven planets:  gold , silver, mercury, copper, iron,tin and lead.the Greek myths link these metals to the following celestial bodies: the Sun, the Moon, Mercury,Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn.however not all bowls are composed of these metals in the same proportions. not all bowls are made from all seven metals.listening to the singing bowls helps the listener go into an Alpha state of deep relaxation.The vibration impact of the singing bowls has a transforming, healing effect on body, mind and soul. They are known for increasing general well being and stimulation of life energy, as well as helping with specific issues such as: relieving physical pain, helping with insomnia, reducing stress, improving concentration and  increasing creativity.

Tuning forks

sound bed 12.5 2

 Research suggest that vibrations transferred to neuronal, endothelial and immune cells through tuning forks stimulate “nitric oxide” – a  tiny gas molecule fundamental to all life.it is made inside our vascular, nerve and immune cells.when it is stimulated it sets of a cascade of physiological events which directly influences our health, well being, state of mind and consciousness.



The Gong is a powerful  tool for reducing stress as well as  stimulating  the glandular system. As early as 4,000 B.C., throughout human history in various cultures, gongs have been used as ritual, ceremonial and sacred instruments. . The physical sound vibration of the gong provides an extraordinarily harmonizing and powerful vehicle for meditation & transformation .   The gong resonates all cells of the body simulating it  in a most powerful & effective way. the listener who is sitting or laying down can easily feel their powerful vibrations in the body.

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